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Detailed Information On The Advantages, Disadvantages And Costs Of Living In Istanbul

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Istanbul is one of Turkey's most prestigious and populous cities, with its economic, tourist and cultural capital, it has many famous tourist spots, important landmarks and old fences, as well as urban development, where new residential areas are located. It also has two airports, making it one of the largest organised urban agglomerations in Europe, and has become a preferred place for nest and stability.

What are the procedures and requirements for living in Istanbul?

The first step that guarantees the owner to move to Istanbul for residency is to apply to Turkish embassies for a visa and after obtaining it, he or she has multiple types of residence permits, so they can live life normally. The purchase of property in Istanbul is still at the forefront of these ways. There is a work permit that is granted to foreign employees of Turkish companies, a student residence permit, and there is also residence by buying a property, which is called real estate residency, and it is renewed every year.

What are the advantages of living in Istanbul?

Istanbul has the best elements for a rich life and diverse movement, from history, modernity and development; where beauty surrounds everywhere. Ownership is also an ideal option, finding countless options, including luxury apartments and distinctive properties, among the latest and most prestigious buildings and equipment, and the most beautiful luxury finishings. It also contains dozens of international universities and schools, various integrated services, and prices are cheap compared to many European States.

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